Project Goals

Raise the attractiveness, value and relevance of PEDAGOGY & DIDACTICS in training STEM professionals and especially STEM educationalists
Ensure future STEM educationalist have a recognition of presentation and leadership skills
Develop new training programme modules to attract university and gymnasium students to be involved in optional educational modules prior to any involvement in teacher professional development
To guide Science & Technology (S&T) staff to recognise the value of presentation, leadership skills for STEM professionals
Extend and develop the competences of practicing STEM teachers and other STEM personnel who support adult learners
Increase the number of STEM teachers

The High-Fliers project approach entails the following activities: 

  • Developing the 4-module, plus support action, High-Fliers Programme geared towards promoting social attributes of particular importance for future STEM Educationalists 
  • Piloting the modules with 200 educationalists in Estonia, Finland, Portugal and Croatia (i.e. undergraduate/MA students (plus gymnasium school students); teachers; non-formal STEM professionals; university/research organisation science staff) 
  • Preparing the Online High-Fliers Operational Manual for University Science/STEM Staff 
  • Organising local Stakeholder Workshops/Events 
  • Running specific High-Fliers Module Workshops 
  • Holding an Evaluation & Quality Assurance Meeting
  • Undertaking a Final Conference; complemented by partners’ travelling to make presentations at conferences