Ivo Pilar Institute of Social Sciences

Ivo Pilar Institute of Social Sciences is a public research institute in Croatia. The primary mission of the Ivo Pilar Institute is to conduct high-quality scientific and professional research in the fields of social sciences, humanities and interdisciplinary scientific areas. There are approximately 90 researchers working at the Ivo Pilar Institute, among which about 60 senior researchers and 30 early stage researchers and research assistants. Since the foundation of the Ivo Pilar Institute in 1991, its scientists have participated in more than 500 research projects, among which a large number of international projects (e.g., European frameworks and research programs FP7 and H2020 projects, European Social Fund projects, ERASMUS+ projects). The Ivo Pilar Institute and its scientists are also involved in graduate and postgraduate university programs, primarily at the University of Zagreb, but also at other universities in Croatia.

Research activities in the Ivo Pilar Institute are organized through several research centers, among which is the Centre for Knowledge, Education and Human Capital Studies (Head of the Centre Professor J. Burušić), within which HigFliers project activities are conducted. Within this Centre, some of the most complex and comprehensive research projects in the educational system in Croatia were carried out, as well as research projects in the field of qualifications framework development and implementation, and in the field of STEM interests and achievements among primary school students. On the basis of previously demonstrated excellence and achievements in the field of educational research, the Ivo Pilar Institute is a constitutive part of the Croatian Scientific Centre of Excellence for School Effectiveness and Management, which is the Croatian official excellence network, appointed by the National Council for Science and Higher Education.