Team members at UEF

Kari Sormunen

Senior University Lecturer, National Coordinator

Kari Sormunen is a Senior University Lecturer in science education. He has PhD in education and has participated in several European teacher education projects. His research interests concern teacher education and science education.

Tuula Keinonen

Professor (emerita), Senior Consultant

Tuula Keinonen is a Professor (emerita) in general education. She has PhD both in physics and in education.

Her research focuses on SSI approaches in science education and education for sustainability. She has coordinated Horizon 2020 project MultiCO, NPP project NEED and participated in FW7 project PROFILES.

Anssi Salonen

University Researcher

Anssi Salonen is a University Lecturer in technology education but currently works as a University Researcher in STEAM education. He has PhD in education and current research focuses on career awareness and broad-based technological skills development.

Ville Tahvanainen

Project Researcher

Ville Tahvanainen is a project researcher, and his working hours are divided currently in multiple projects, which concentrate on developing escape game pedagogy, raising wellness and integration among first year students and school safety awareness, as well as enhancing STEM-education awareness. He is also specialized on escape game pedagogy.

Sirpa Kärkkäinen

Senior University Lecturer

Sirpa Kärkkäinen works at UEF as a Senior University Lecturer in science education. She has PhD in education and she gives teaching variety teacher groups from kindergarten teachers up to subject teacher students. Her specialties are biology, plants, ecosystems and winter nature.


Maija Aksela

Professor, University of Helsinki

Heli Hjälm

Pohjois-Karjalan Martat ry, Phil.Lic. (Education), Executive Director

The Martha Organization is a Finnish home economics organisation to promote well-being and quality of life in the home. Home economics is the main activity of the organisation. It deals with: Food and nutrition; Home gardening and environmental protection; Household economics and consumer issues. In addition to this, the organisation takes part in a variety of campaigns together with other organizations and authorities. The themes vary from human relations, women and development, gardening and environment, to cooking and healthy eating. The Martha Organisation is a member of the Nordic Women’s Association (Nordens kvinnoförbund, NKF) and the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) and has carried out local development projects with African Women’s NGOs, as well as working with Cameroonian home economists and cooperating in two projects in Ethiopia and Malawi. The Martha Organisation in Eastern Finland has facilities to organise climate change education and sustainability education. Chairperson of The Martha Organisation is Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of European Parliament (MEP).

Aino Haavisto


Matemaattisten Aineiden Opettajien Liitto MAOL ry (MAOL) is a pedagogical organisation consisting of 29 local clubs which are locating around Finland. MAOL acts as an important advocate of mathematical and scientific culture. It is the only actor who exclusively oversees the benefits of mathematical and scientific subjects. Events and education offer, besides professional development also possibilities for peer support and networking.

Kaija Saramäki

Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Karelia University of Applied Sciences is an institution of higher education and applied research located in Joensuu, Finland. Karelia UAS operates in seven study fields offering 21 programmes out of which five are master-level studies. The study areas are health care and social studies, business, engineering, forestry, media and hospitality management.  Karelia UAS is a significant and well-recognized operator in education and plays a key role in the regional development and research, development and innovation (RDI) activities.  In Karelia University of Applied Sciences, all students work closely with local companies and with other educational institutions on exciting research and development projects.

Hanna Hallikainen

Work agent, Luotsi, Joensuu city’s Job Agency Department

Luotsi is part of city of Joensuu and enhances the employment. Life and working life orientation are highlighted through seminars, personal couching, and open courses. Their main task is to help unemployed citizens to  get a job.