High Fliers project wants to give acknowledgements to the International Advisory Board for their major input on the project evaluation and for their supportive advises related to the contents and dissemination of the project.


  • Professor Maija Aksela, University of Helsinki
  • Chief Advisor Božo Pavičin, Croatian Ministry of Science and Education
  • Associate Professor Rain Mikser, University of Tallinn
  • Professor Marissa Correia, School of Education of Santarém

Targets of the board:

  • Assess and give feedback on the content of the Programme, modules and Online Manual, as well as oversee the process and results of piloting the modules.
  • Contributing to outcome dissemination and promotion on local, national and European (possibly also international) level.
  • Provide recommendations for the High-Fliers Programme resulting in a combined Piloting Report, based on national piloting input, and a corresponding list of development ideas.

Description of the work:

  • The board has two meetings in 2022–2023. These meetings focused on the given tasks: evaluate to content of the modules and produced materials, provide alternatives for disseminations and concluding the final notes of the success of the project.
  • The final conclusion were:
    – The disseminations has been done well and the number of achieved participants were much over targeted.
    – All modules were completed and piloted carefully.
    – Feedback was collected from all actions to describe the success.