Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa)

IEUL – The Instituto de Educação (IE) is the school of the Universidade de Lisboa committed to research, training and public intervention in Education and Training. Over the past years it has been distinguished as a leading institution in the domain of Education in Portugal.

IE provides training activities in undergraduate (bachelor) and graduate (specialization, master’s and doctorate) programmes in different fields of Education and Training. IE provides advisory and training services to educational organizations and scientific and technical support for the design, monitoring and evaluation of public policies, in Portugal and in Portuguese-speaking countries. UIDEF, the research unit of the IE-ULisboa, has a strong team of researchers, including members from other higher education institutions, and maintains close partnerships with several national and international partners, attracting a significant number of international students for doctoral studies and post-doctoral programs. UIDEF research is carried out within the framework of the two programmes: Education XXI and Change Forces in Education. The disciplinary-based organization of UIDEF combines with the two programmes in order to better face the complexity of current educational phenomena, which require multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary approaches, as well as to strengthen the focus and quality of its research, and to provide more accurate contributions to foster knowledge-based change and innovation in education.