The goal of High-Fliers was to design an optional, Modular Programme for Future STEM Educationalists, consisting of 4 Teaching-Learning Modules, attractive for undergraduate and master’s students undertaking studies in STEM-related subjects.

The 4 High-Fliers Modules relate to promoting:

  1. Intelligent and resourceful, attractive and enthusiastic, artistic in ways of presenting.
  2. Good communicator, collaborative, creative and innovative.
  3. Courageous at heart, curious, aware of personal self-efficacy, and
  4. Self-management skills & ready for receiving coaching, connected to the world and to the needs of others, conceptualising the science, a good organiser.

The Modules are developed and piloted with different target groups (students, teachers, university research staff), accompanied by an Online Manual (Teacher’s Guide) and made available in five languages (English, Estonian, Finnish, Portuguese and Croatian) on the project website, under the Developed Modules division.

The 4 Modules are named:

  1. Enhancing communication skills.
  2. Valuing science (STEM).
  3. Reflecting on responsible behaviour, and
  4. Self-Management.