Materials created during the project

Special focus on target group – undergraduate (BA) / Masters (MA, MSc) students, also gymnasium school students where the national educational system favours and enambel it; e.g. in Finland.

Goal: To increase awareness of the need for 
          (a) strong career-related communication skills (e.g. listening, speaking, presenting), 
          (b) stimulate thinking skills (e.g. analysing, conceptualisation) and research skills (e.g. creating questions), especially focussing on becoming a STEM teacher. 

Innovation: Involving real life situations, related to STEM education (re-evaluating the teacher’s operational role), valuing the skills involved in communicating in an effective and attractive manner, plus listening attributes so as to act meaningfully.

Impact: Awareness and self-evaluation of general, interactive, communication skills needed for becoming a STEM teacher (applicable in other leadership careers involving interaction skills).

End product by participants: 3-minute video utilising speaking and presentation skills on ‘what is important in becoming a STEM teacher? Why to become a STEM teacher’

Transferability: Skills appropriate in all career related interactions.