Materials created during the project

Special focus on target group: University / Res.org. staff members involved in STEM teacher education training programmes.

Goal: To promote social skills (e.g. self-responsibility, responsible action, cooperation/ collaboration, reflecting by adopting multiply roles) and skills to apply to STEM-related positions (presentation skills, interaction), leadership skills, understanding surroundings, democratic values.

Innovation: Socio-scientific scenarios related to Societal Challenges including Climate Change Mitigation, Green Economy, Migration, etc.

Impact: Awareness of wider applicability of STEM-related teacher skills, especially guiding the development of argumentation skills. Readiness to initiate public debates and take leadership in this.

End product by participants: Assignment, e.g. argue a proposed resolution (way forward) with respect to a socio-scientific issue, (verbal or written) based on Toulmin’s argumentation model.

Transferability: Appropriate learning related to everyday life.