This takes place in Portugal, August 2021 (M9), although not at the Portuguese partner premises, but in the city, at the ESERA 2021 conference (Braga in the North).

Again, the project managers + 1–2 more content persons meet, joined by 4 IAB members for the first time.

The first LTT– 3-day Module 1–2 Workshop for partner organisations’ staff either precedes or follows shortly (tbc!). The focus of PMB-2 is on discussing and finalising the content of Modules 1–2, which thereafter go into the piloting phase in all countries. This is seen as an appropriate moment to check all activities have progressed as planned, including fixing the volunteer groups, and that all the partners have followed the project technical requirements.

If necessary, amendments in the timeline or content of High-Fliers can be made.